LLETZ /fertility

Hey, has anyone had LLETZ treatment and managed to have babies afterwards?

I have CIN2, HPV positive (3rd year in a row) and don’t feel comfortable leaving them to “wait and see” but I haven’t had any children but really really want them…

Me! I had CIN 2/3 and had LLETZ removal - follow up showed I still had HPV but that the abnormal cells were removed.

I fell pregnant about a year after my LLETZ and had no issues throughout my pregnancy whatsoever. My dr said that one LLETZ does not usually impact a pregnancy and they tried to take as little as possible away and just enough to get rid of the cells as they knew I hadn’t had children yet. She said it’s if you have multiple LLETZ then issues are generally more likely but if they know you’ve had a previous LLETZ you are usually more closely monitored in pregnancy to check re cervical length so any issues are picked up early and you can get a stitch