LLETZ - feeling ok??


Hi everyone, 

I had a LLETZ 3 days ago and I'm feeling surprisingly ok - far better than I was ever expecting to feel! I've had hardly any pain, have taken only 2 sets of paracetamol since the procedure and I've hard no bleeding. Is this normal? I'm still expecting it will get worse over the next week or so. Id be interested to hear others experiences, I'm just so surprised I don't feel worse! Thanks xx

Hi hun. I felt fine after my lletz. I was back running after 10 days!!! The only thing I didn't do was swim as this does increase the risk of infection. Xxx

Hi there, 

I had my LLTEZ on Wednesday and I feel fine too, no blood or anything, I am so tempted to go back to the gym but the doctor said 4 weeks. I was also wondering if it was normal to have no blood or pain. Let me know how you get on Katie xxx

Had my Lletz on fri 7th, so far no bleeding, discharge, and only took paracetamol on the evening of the Lletz.  Question is are we all convincing ourselves we have gotten away with it, only to be caught out in the end!

That's what I'm wondering Tashi!

Thats what I'm wondering too!! 

Feel like in a week I'll be in agony and bleeding loads!! Fingers crossed I'm wrong. 

please keep me posted with how you all get on xxx

Francesca, interesringly my doc said I could go back to exercising in 2 weeks! Praying I dont have to wait 4 weeks. Listen to our bodies I guess. X

Hi ladies,

I had Lletz back in March and I was back in gym within 10 days. Just listen to your own body. The only thing I stuck to was strictly no swimming as this increases your chances of infection. 

Thanks Kazza, did you leave it the full 4 weeks before sex?

I've got up today and I'm bleeding... think I jinxed myself talking about it lol! Is this normal or sign of infection?

Oh no francesca, is it heavy? No way it's just normal time of the month? Are you in any pain? 

My doc said bleeding was completely normal, she said if it were lots of sudden 'gushes' of blood that's more sign of an infection. 

I only just came off my period a week ago today so three days before I had treatment so it's not my period. It's not heavy but have cramps like a period and feel really tired. If it gets heavy then I will call my gp, thank you x

Hi Francesca; how are you doing? Has the bleeding got any worse? Xx

Hi Francesca; how are you doing? Has the bleeding got any worse? Xx

Hello girls,

I had my lletz on the 4th of July, I felt fine, just a little tired and wobbly after the anastethic. 

I had loads of watery discharge... but no blood or pain. I didn't have to take any paracetamol.  Sometimes the discharge was mixed with a little bit of bright pink blood but not much at all. 

Unfortunately I think I have developed infection, as my discharge started to have a bad odour (sorry for tmi) I left it for 3 days as was thinking that might be normal and it only got worse. So yesterday after 4 hours wait in a&e I got some antibiotics. Although they didn't take a swab... which annoyed me as they should check it before they give me antibiotic to take. 

Anyway the doctors said if: your bleeding becomes very heavy,  you see blood cloths, you have fever, or strong abdominal pain, and of course odour go to a&e asap! In some cases you might have only odour like me, or only bleeding. So if the bleeding is more heavy than usual I would suggest going to the gp.