LLETZ experience

Hi ladies

had my LLETZ treatment this morning and just wanted to post that it was completely fine. Tiny bit stingy and have period pains now but I’m shocked how quick and easy and pain free the whole process was. The anticipation is so much worse than the actual procedure. 

My question is whether people who have had a LLETZ know how much was taken? I saw the piece she took and it seemed quite big, especially for CIN2. She said she was aiming for 7mm but couldn’t be sure how much she got. Would love to get an idea of how much they usually take. 

Hope everyone is safe and well x


I too am interested in how much they normally take and how they know how much to take?

Glad to hear it went well, I have mine tomorrow. I'm going to prepare some questions today. I'm really nervous of the results all ready and I haven't even had it yet.

Do let me know how you get on hun.

Sending lots of love and well wishes x

It does look HUGE doesn't it! My first thought was that it looked the size of the end of my thumb!

I think sometimes medical professionals with the best of intentions try to make women feel better by describing the procedure as removing a few cells. Then we start imagining something small because cells are small! 
Unless absolutely necessary, they take less than 10mm as this is the depth that may affect the competency of the cervix. Of course, that is the depth - the area will depend on how much is affected. 
My healing was very straightforward - hope the same for both of you.


Thank you, it's day 2 and I feel surprisingly fine just as I did yesterday. Tiny bit of period pain but not even enough to warrant taking paracetamol. 

Best of luck tomorrow, you're going to be absolutely fine and I think you'll have your results fairly quickly. They told me 1 week. 

Sending you love and well wishes too xx

True, I expected it be lots of smaller pieces but it was just one chunk.

I guess I'm just concerned because I asked if she managed to take less than 9mm (due to cervical competency concerns) and she said she couldn't be sure and that I'd have to wait for the results. Now I feel like I'm distorting the size of the piece in my head and imagining it to be even bigger than it was! 

Ah well, fortunately I'll know next week. 

So glad your healing was straightforward, mine seems to be going well so far so fingers crossed that continues!