Lletz done today / How long if cc?

Good evening ladies,

I had my Lletz for CIN 3 today. She said it was clearly CIN 3 of moderate size. Lletz was uncomfortable at points & I need Diathermy to stop bleeding after. I’m not too bad now. No cramping. I am aware of where they did. Slight burning / tender feeling on my cervix.
She said unlikely to be more sinister, but won’t know till lab work done. She said they will contact me via phone if sinister and 4-6week wait via letter if all ok.
If it is CC how long before you found out??
I’m SO SO worried. Previous smear normal, which I now know means very little. I’ve had odd smelling discharge since April. On and off though. Consistency normal. And had one recent episode of light pink spotting after intercourse.
Thank you for reading x


You can see from my timeline that it was about 3.5 weeks until I found out, my smears were normal before. Hopefully you will be absolutely fine, I am completely back to normal and feel like my old self now emotionally and physically. Waiting for results is hard but there's every chance they'll come back fine. If not jump straight back onto the forum and you will find lots of support from the most inspirational and brave ladies who will reassure you. Take care xx

Thank you slb97,

So glad you've now got the all clear :-) Wonderful news! May I ask.... Did you have any symptoms? The wait is going to be killer. Trying my best to be positive, but won't relax until I know the results. If it's bad news I really hope it's early like yours... I'd love to have another baby. But should be thankful it's been picked up and that I already have one beautiful boy. 

I've not had ANY bleeding since lletz yet... I presume cause she did diathermy too... Should I expect bleeding in weeks time? I'm trying to be really careful. Back to work on Monday and I work on my feet...

thx again xx



I just wanted to offer my suport. Waiting is the worst part but fingers crossed you get good news. I think I waited around 2.5 weeks after colposcopy to get results and then the same again after my cone biopsy. x 

Thank you so much misstell!

Was yours diagnosed with smear or at colposcopy? Did your smear show cin 3 originally?

You are so right... The wait is killer!! Colposcopist suggested i might know within a week if its CC... After 2wks it will be no news, it's good news... Stupid HPV!!! 

My mother in law had similar 10yrs ago, so been a great support 

Best of luck with your further surgery! Xx


I had a smear and they sent me a letter to say I had abnormalities and that i was being reffered to the women's day clinic at my local hospital. I wasn't too concerned and they didn't say I have severe changes or anything. When I went in for the colposcopy the Dr sat down and said I had high grade changes and that they were going to probably do some small biopsies to send away for further investigation. Once the appointment was done she said to call if I had any questions. I ended up calling her a few days later asking what her opinion was/do I have cc, she said she thought CIN2/3 but would call me as soon as she got results so I didn't have to wait for the letter. I never got a call from her. i went away for a long weekend and was called by a receptionist from the gynae ward to come in for an app I said I was out of area and wouldn't be back til the next day so they saw me then. They thought the previous Dr had already told me I had cc and that I was just there to discuss 'my condition' so that was awkward and he wasn't the most sympathetic person as he apparently doesn't normally deliver that type of news. Sorry so long winded just thought I would answer your question fully. The letter never came either so someone f'd up somewhere I guess. 

Aw that is good you have someone with that kind of experience to support you. 

All the best x