LLETZ done i don't understand what is happening next??


Had my first smear last month, im 25. Any how the smear came back showing high grade dyskaryosis i didnt get much information on what this actually meant but got a letter asking me to go for a colposcopy, (they also sent a leaflet about a hysterectomy got me really worried but they sent that by mistake!! another story!!)

Any way finally went for the colposcopy today and the DR said as soon as he inserted the speculum before doing anything 'good news its not cancer but there are severe abnormalities we need to treat with LLETZ (i cried...bad fear of needles  :/ i was a baby ) but i felt like no effort was made to reasuure me thoughout the procedure he didnt even explain what was happening!

Then after procedure he said he would send my sample to be checked and write back to me with the results...it wasnt until i left i thought what results?! he said cells were not cancer at the start of the examination and that they would be removed with lletz procedure, so i dont understand what this sample is or what the results are looking for??, i have felt really unsupported and like i was ushered in and out asap.

Sorry if i sound daft i am just confused :/ any advice would be helpful please and thankyou :-)

Hi kay, i had high grade changes too cin 3. I had lellzt done in march, had a biopsy befor that. My doc said to me they send that piece away just to double check that there is nothing else going on. To be honest i know its hard not to worry, its a good sign that ur doc sounds postive on that he feels nothing else is going on, but the tissue he has took away with the bad cells in have to be checked they have too. They do it to everybody who has letllz done, so you are not alone. 

Try and rest and keep your mind busy and talk to friends and family it always helps to talk. Hope you are recovering ok after ur treatment.

And come here anytime as all the ladies are lovely and we all know what you are going through. Let us know how you get on with results.

Take care. love sky x x 



HI Sky

Thank you for your reply. It has put my mind at rest now, the DR was just so rude and abrupt it was obvious he sees this thing everyday and just didnt seem to want to give me the time to explain but it makes more sense now :-).

Hope everything turned out well for you too, I thought i was worrying over nothing but just wanted to be sure. Im feeling fine after procedure a bit of cramp but nothing severe ill keep updated on resuts :) was just a bit unsure what was happening because he said its not canerous but pre cancerous cells so wondered why he had sent sample off but if if its routine to check them then im happy :)

Thanks again :)

Kay xxx

Hey Kay. You didn't visit a certain Buckinghamshire hospital did you? I had the same confusing experience with possibly the same rude doc! I too was told severe dyskaryosis and was sent a colposcopy leaflet, I was so blasé I went alone and thinking it would be another kind of smear. Doc said well we may as wellto a lletz now, is that ok? I thought well, I'd rather not come back so, he'll yeah, in for a penny. Now let me tell you I have had three babies without pain relief and consider myself a tough cookie but I found the whole lletz thing just horrific. The nurses though chatty and smiley with each other showed me no kindness or sympathy or empathy. I found the whole thing truly grim anreally wished someone had been there with me. Ihaemorrhaged during the procedure and there was a bit of panic but no reassurance to me. He cut away something the size of a golf ball I guess but did not say anything reassuring to me. This was two weeks at today and as ridiculous as it sounds I'm a bit traumatised by this whole shenanigan. I'm also bleeding heavily and was today given antibiotics. For the most part I'm ok, keeping busy(with3small kids thes not much choice!) but in the quiet moments alone I cry un controllabley, scared. Not of the possibility of having cancer as I'm sure I'd beat it, but for my family, my eldest is nearly nine, and he would understand and see his mum trying to fight. It's the first time in my life I've been scared of death and realised I'm not invincible despite no real diagnosis yet. I can deal withanything, but the unknown and the waiting ishard. Gawd what a ramble. So sorry. I'm glad your doc seemed convinced it was not to sinister , please let me know what the results were. Big love, Kx