Lletz day

So,sat in the waiting room and already feel like a quivering mess :roll_eyes:,they are running late so seems like forever I have been sat here and alsorts running through my head. Just want it over and done with now x

So,all done,was a little uncomfortable but not as bad as I had built myself for it to be :slightly_smiling_face:,been told it has to go to the next MDT meeting so probably won’t hear anything untill late October now x

Hello! So glad you’ve got it over with!!! Well done you, really hope they have given you some reassurance about things l. Hope you sleep tonight and get some rest, if you need to have a general rant or anything always here to listen x

Hi HPV pants
Thanks so much for the message,yes,I am generally exhausted today,think the lack of sleep for worrying and the emotional side things today have just drained me. They said that I won’t hear anything now for a while so just going to try and distract myself now. Thanks so much,no doubt I will need a good old rant at some point :relaxed: xx