Lletz date

Hello hope everyone is haveing a fab christmas :) the hosspital  has let me no I am have my lletz under GA on the 28th january I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what happens on the day ie will I need a cathiter can any one go with me ect xx thank you

Hello Katie,  You will definately need someone with you for GA, I doubt they would let you travel/drive on your own.  You might be a little groggy afterwards and not want to be alone.  It would be good to have someone with you for moral support.  I've not had Lletz teatment but I don't think it involves the bladder or urethra so I doubt you will have a catheter but I'm sure some of the ladies on here who've had one will confirm that for you.  

Good luck for the 28th...



Thank you for getting back to me I wasn't sure if I just had to be dropped off then picked up I will have to write Qs down befor my pre opp seems for Eva till 28th :( xxx

How come you are having it under general x

Hi Katie,


I had Lletz under GA back in March in Sheffield. It was a day case so I went in for 7am, the op was about 10am and I was recovered enough to go home by 2pm!


You just need to be able to wee and drink fluid and eat some toast before they let you out. You'll definitely need someone to take you home afterwards. I was signed off work for 2 weeks!


It's a pretty light GA so I felt tired on the day and a bit woozy for the next week. Had a bit of discharge too but nothing too bad. The worst thing was not being able to have a bath for 4 weeks after! I didn't need a catheter. It's usually if you have a cone biopsy that you may need a catheter and an overnight stay.


Good luck!


Jo xx

Thank you jo did you have some one gointo hoss with you  or did you just get droped off n picked up x n i am haveing it under ga as he could not see all my cervix on the day i shud have had it done with la and she did not want it to be more painfull than it shudhave been  :(

Ohh I see :( I wud deffo av some one there just as support for u as well as being ropey after its done maybe xx

I think oh is comeing how long hve you been waiting now for your lletz results xx

Hi there,


My boyfriend came with me and waited wiht me until I was taken down to theatre. Not every hospital is the same though.

He went for lunch whilst I was having the lletz and recovering from the GA then waited with me until I could go home.




Oh good thank you hun x