Lletz Cone with 10mm removed - pregnant and scared

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this group. I had a Lletz in 2007 Cin2 where they removed 10mm. My cervix pre pregnancy measured 2.5cm and at 12 weeks 3cm. This puts me out of the 'danger zone' apparently and noone seems converned. I'm desperate to find successful pregnancy stories without a stitch / Cerclage placed as they're not offering me this? It was a large chunk removed and when reading this puts me at higher risk. No one seems to care and I feel like I've fallen down a black hole living in absolute fear of the most wanted first baby at 37. I just can't find people who have gone through pregnancy with this procedure and not had problems. What more can I do than have my cervix monitored (which I had to really push for) are things going to be ok? Does this Lletz mean I'm in danger of losing my baby? I'm 16 weeks. I'm not sure where to turn to find positivity and people going through this no problem. If anyone knows anything I'd love to know xxx thank you 

congratulations on your pregnancy!

Many women have LLETZ proceedures and have no issues during pregnancy. If you have 2 or more lletz this can result in an increased risk of pre term delivery. There is a paper from the RCOG (Royal college of obstetrics and gynaecologist) that advise under 10mm has no increased risk, so you are  borderline and it's good that they have scanned your cervical length. 

Occasionally scar tissue associated with the lletz can mean that your cervix does not dilate when in labour however this is not always the case and unfortunately there's no way of knowing until the event. 

I am a midwife to trade and have seen many women have successful pregnancies following treatments to their cervix.

Good luck with everything, just remain vigilant and if you have any concerns don't hesitate to contact your maternity unit.