LLETZ concerns

Hi Everyone,

After reading your posts for the past 3 weeks since finding out I have severe dyskaryosis to having my colposcopy/LLETZ treatment today, I thought I would finally post, firstly to say thank you for all the info and easing my mind and keeping me calm, and secondly to raise a few concerns I have.

I had my LLETZ treatment today, and to be completely honest it was slightly more uncomfortable than I was expecting. Maybe this was because I've never had issues with smears and I got off to an uncomfortable start because he could not insert the "thing" in properly so it was uncomfortable for me (he had to use a narrower one in the end). The injections were not too bad which I was told is the worst part, but unfortunately for me I felt a burn sensation as soon as the treatment started. Whether he just caught the wall or the local aneasthetic had not kicked in quick enough but it hurt me a lot which added to my discomfort. The burn only hurt for split second and then I didn't feel a thing for the rest of the treatment.

I don't meant to scare or worry anyone awaiting their treatment, but I just wondered if anyone else experienced this?

Also, from reading the posts over the last few weeks it seems many of you received lots of information/talk from your consultant. My one said absolutely nothing the moment he looked into his microscope thing, just made glances to the nurse a lot. So after I asked if there was anything he could tell me from today from what he could see and he just said no and I'd have to wait for my results. Which has panicked me a bit...was anyone else's like this?

It seemed like he was doing the treatment for a while, but as I am severe I am guessing there is more to remove. I asked about sport as I play football and although the aftercare sheet says do not do vigorous sport for 3 days, he told me not to for 4 weeks! (gutted). Again, was anyone else told not to play sport for this long?

I guess I am just concerned over the whole negative vibe I felt during my appointment today. Particularly the lack of talk and information he gave compared to others on here and wondered if any of you had similar experiences. I keep wondering was he saying nothing because he knew it was bad?

Anyway, no point worrying until results (6 weeks!) I know, but that's easier said than done as I am sure every single one of you know.

Thank you in advance,






My consultant said absolutely nothing throughout mine, i didnt notice too much at the time though as i was just freaking out anyway.

I was also told 3-4 weeks for all sports, i play roller derby so its probably for the best!

The waiting is the worst part, just dont google anything, stick to this website for info (theres lots of horror stories out there)

All the best for your results, try not to worry too much x

Thank you so much for replying it's nice to have someone to talk to. I haven't been googling it (anymore), Dr Google is evil sometimes! Did you find your LLETZ uncomfortable? I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis recently. Can I ask, did they tell you over the phone? I hope your MRI goes as well as it can do. You are right, the waiting is horrible and it's only been one day for me. I'm back in work today though which helps, but I keep drifting off from time to time, it's hard not to. My heart jumps every time my mobile rings with an unknown number!


Jenna x

The Local hurt like hell going in, the LLETZ just felt like a tugging sensation, so not the most pleasant thing but not the worst either.
No they didnt tell me over the phone, was just asked to come in to discuss my results, i guess thats not the kinda thing they want to just drop in over the phone.

I think im lucky here as they do the biopsy tests on-site so i found out fairly quickly.
At the end of the day its something like 13-15% of people they test in the entire of the UK that actually do have anything more sinister so the chances that its you are very slim.

As other people have said most of the time on forums like this you only have people posting the bad things, you dont hear about the good experiences.

hi jenna,

i had severe dyskaryosis and CIN3 with my first smear (age 27) i was terrified as i have 2 beautiful children, the lletz treatment i had didnt hurt.....untill the end, it took about 40 minutes and they turned the screen off after putting the iodine stuff on, she said it was worse than she thought, and the smell of burning was hidious, on the last part she told me to 'brace myself' and my god that hurt.... i actually shrieked! as i drove myself, they made sure i ate and kept an eye on my blood pressure before i left.

i got results back saying they had got 98% of it and to have a repeat smear in 6 months, which im still waiting on.

im not going to say dont worry, because its always there in your mind but try to carry on as normal, no news is good news

best wishes

kayleigh x

Thanks for your reply. That's good news that they got most of yours :) I just feel like at the moment I am stuck in limbo. I completely understand that the chances are less likely than likely, and that there are people on here in much worse positions than myself right now, but I can't help but think that all I am doing is waiting to find out if I have cc. My fiance tries to keep me positive and does a great job, but I can't snap out of these negative thoughts. I sit at work and my mind wonders it's so silly when I could be absolutely fine. It's nice to have this forum to be honest.

I think its natural to have the bad thoughts tbh, and theres not alot more than i can say to reassure you.

Im sure youll be fine though :)


Hi Jenna,

I know it's been a week since you posted this thread but just wanted to reassure you re: sport.  I'm a cheerleader (stunting, gymnastics kind not pom pom waving) and was concerned I wouldn't be able to train for a while as I had a competition 2 and a half weeks after my LLETZ treatment.  The nurses said that although I had to refrain from training for 7 days I could then ease myself back in and would be fine to compete.  Now there's not really any way to ease yourself back into cheer as there's no gentle way to be thrown around, tumble and stand on one leg in the air!!  But I was fine.  I was good and managed to hold back from training for the 7 days and then had to go full out at training about 12 days after treatment.  The nurses/consultant had told me to stop if it made me bleed but thankfully it didn't.  Basically what I'm trying to say is you should be fine to play football again sooner than 4 weeks, just take it easy and stop if you get any extra bleeding.

Good luck with your results, I'm still playing the waiting game on mine too.