Lletz complications

Hi I have read plenty forums and because of this I failed to seek Medical advice.


I had lletz done on the 5th 2014. Everything supposingly went well and because I had just come off my period I was given antibiotics for 3days twice daily. A week later a smelly discharge started. Reading from the forum it seemed most people had experienced this so I just carried on. Two weeks later after the lletz I started bleeding.I had to change my pad every hour, and it had big clots. I called the GP for an emergency appointment I was told to come collect antibiotics as this was normal. I could not come out of the house so my hubby went to collect as I was drenched in blood and had to buy maternity pads. The pads could not contain the blood and I started feeling dizzy. I called the non emergency 111 as I wasn't sure whether it was normal. They sent me an ambulance and as soon as I got to the hospital I started throwing up vigorously, sweating, feeling dizzy until I passes out. Luckily I was already in the A&E and they put me on a drip. I had to consent to getting a transfusion and had to go into surgery. They thought they would have to put stitches in surgery but stopped the bleeding with laser instrument. I was under general anesthesia. I stayed In Hospital for two nights  and had packs up my vagina and a catheter and was on a drip and IV antibiotic.

everyone has different reactions please seek medical advice if you have any concerns for bleeds or smell. I have recovered now 2 weeks later and no smell.



Hi Ceebee

Sounds like you had an awful time. How scary.

Really pleased to hear you are recovered now. 

I am on day 4 since LLETZ and have felt surprisingly OK apart from cramps the first few days. I am going to be really wary over the next few weeks for anything you have described. 

Have you had your results yet? The wait is killing me!



Hi I am still waiting for results fingers crossed. You will be ok any weird smell contact GP to get antibiotics x