Lletz complications

Hi I'm 27 and had my 1st smear at 26 which came back as high grade dyskarosis, went for my colposcopy which confirmed it after having biopsy...my gynaecologist told my I needed a lletz procedure to remove the area which I agreed, after cancelling my appointment to have this done twice due to been a complete wimp I finally had it done on 23rd of June... Anyway I had to go into hospital to have it done under general anesthetic because I have a bleeding disorder called ITP which is where my platlet count is quite low and harder for my blood to clot, during and after surgery everything went well my surgeon said I had minimal bleeding and could go home next morning... When I got home I didn't do a lot I just sat and relaxed as much as possible to help everything heal, after 2nd day post op I had no bleeding just a really watery discharge sorry for TMI!! anyway day 10 I started to bleed bright red frsh blood not a lot but it was very red so I rang ward and told me to come in, they applied silver nitrate to the area that was bleeding and sent me on my way, 2 hours later I was back in bleeding a little heavier than the 1st time so they re app,Jed silver nitrate and doctor told me to stay over night to see how bleeding went and allow everything to settle, next morning things had calmed down a little but was still bleeding but not a lot so they allowed me home on the Friday morning...bleeding continued but more so when wiping but by the Saturday night things where getting worse I started bleeding very very heavily to the point it was over flowing my pad it was literally everywhere with clots I freaked out and rang an ambulance! When I got to hospital gynacologistd where waiting for me and tried silver nitraye and monseos soloution to control bleeding but nothing was working so by 1am they told me a needed taking down to theatre, in surgery they stitched and cauterised and put a vaginal pack in which I had to keep in 24 hours! Pain was worse than giving birth!!!! just wondering if any one else has experienced anything like this as it has scared the life out of me and frightened its going to happen again! It has been 17 days since the emergency surgery and just getting a slight yellowy watery discharge, do you think things should be healing now??? any advice would be greatly appreciated, know one knows how you feel till this has happened to you...although I must say this is very rare and I don't want to scare anybody as I do have a bleeding disorder....the good news is that it was cin3 and it was all removed successfully so there is a bright side to every down! And sorry for the long long post guys xxx

Hi Nicola

Thought I would reply as it looks like we've had pretty similar experience (though I hope yours is a bit shorter than mine)!

I had my lletz at the beginning of June, a few weeks later I had very heavy bleeding and ended up taking myself to a&e as I was going through pads every ten minutes or so! I was in hospital for 3 days and also experienced the joys of the 24 hour vaginal pack (NEVER again)! A few days after they sent me home I started bleeding again, and ended up having to go back in to be recauterised under local anaesthetic. I had around another  3-4 weeks with on and off heavy bleeding (I have been taking tranexamic acid quite a lot and it seems to help) but it was starting to calm down. Unfortunately, for reasons I cannot fathom (the doctor said I didn't have an infection), the wound decided to reopen itself again (on the day that I had decided to wear a white dress to work- SO embarrassing) and I had to be recauterised again about 2 weeks ago.

I'm now in my eighth week post lletz and it seems to be starting to calm down but I am still getting the watery discharge. I am praying that it will stop soon as it has been a pretty horrible experience all in all, and I am feeling so run down from blood loss, but I understand from these forums that some of us are just unlucky and it goes on for a long time. 

I've also had the good news that alll the cin3 was removed (in fact, there were no abnormal cells in the tissue they removed- the biopsy must have removed them all and I didn't actually need the lletz! :S) so I am very lucky, and am trying to keep this in mind whilst I am willing the discharge and bleeding to stop!


I hope that the rest of your recovery goes well, let us know how it goes.




May 2014- abnormal smear


May 2014- biopsy and colposcopy- confirmed cin3


5 June 2014- lletz procedure

25 June 2014 - recauterised

18 July 2014 - recauterised...again