Lletz CNI2/CNI3 successful

Hello , I am from the USA I am 25 and was recently diagnosed with HPV -16 ... I’ve had my colposcopy done 3/21/2018 and like have been reading the waiting game is the worse they advise me someone would call me that Friday or Monday and I received no phone calls so today April 2nd. 2018 I just drove up to my doctors office and spoke w/the nurse she advise me what grade of HPV and that the cells are precancerous and I am a CNI2.... I am terrified they said they will call me this week to schedule an appointment to have a Lletz performed which I am happy and worried about. She told me that all of the precancerous cells are in one spot and to not worry and I have read information on line and a post in this forum where 95% success rate of no more precancerous cells growing back after and Lletz is performed but I am a what if person what if I am the other 5% that it isn’t successful.... I pray to God every day and I have a supportive boyfriend ..... I just want to hear success stories even the ones where you may have to have more then one procedure to be precancerous / abnormal cell free  sorry for the long post