LLETZ - Chest Pain



I had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment a week ago and ever since I have been getting a pain in the right side of my chest - the area above my right breast.

Anyone else had anything similar?  I dont want to rush to the GP unneccessarily but its quite painful at times. Not sure if its anything to do with the LLETZ or just a coincidence but it came on the same evening that I had treatment. 

Many Thanks

No.... cant imagine it's connected, but probably best to ring up and check! 

I would check with your doctor. I run a facebook support group for women having long term problems with LLETZ. There are lots of side effects that haven't been documented. There are nerves in the cervix, that connect up to other parts of the body, so it can be connected. Many doctors are telling women that the cervix has no nerve endings, because they are not up to date on the latest anatomical researh. 

I hope you feel better soon, but if you need support, send me a pm and I'll add you to my fb group.