LLETZ cervix crater


This is my first post and I can’t seem to find an answer to my question anywhere.

I’ve had my LLETZ procedure almost 7 weeks ago (tomorrow) and had the results which gave me the all clear (yay!)

I’ve just felt inside yesterday while having a shower (sorry if tmi), and felt a ‘crater’ like area on my cervix. I assume this is normal and this is the area where the abnormal cells were taken away, but I just like some confirmation to make sure that it’s actually that.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I just wanted to pop on and say congratulations on having your LLETZ done and receiving the good news of the all clear! How very exciting :slight_smile: I have not yet had mine done yet but I believe I’ve read a few posts on the forum about others experiencing something similar. I’m sure others will join in and offer their advice/experiences soon!


Hi there,

Whoop whoop for the all clear, that must be such a relief :slight_smile:

I had my lletz in December and had exactly the same experience, it felt like there was a great big chunk missing. I had my test of cure last month and watched the screen during the colposcopy, the nurse was amazed how well it had regenerated. It looked like a normal cervix to me and feels like before the lletz. I also got my all clear, whoop!

I hope that helps.


Thank you for responding, appreciate it! It seems to be normal, so I won’t worry about it too much lol!


Thanks for letting me know that it’s a normal thing and that it’ll regenerate :slight_smile: And great that yours is looking all normal again now!