lletz cells on vaginal wall

Hello, I hope someone can help me. Today I had a lletz procedure done under local at the hospital, they started and then had to change bits and add more anaesthetic as the cells had spread to the vaginal walls. They said they had removed what they could but would need to do more work. 

Has anyone else had this? Also, how come they didn't notice when they did the colposcopy, or has it grown since?


I am really worried!!!

I hope someone can enlighten me.


I can't give you much advice because I'm in a simiar position - my last colposcopy it shows HPV on my cervix and vaginal wall, laSt year it showed abnormal cells on there too. When I was reading about it I read that to remove abnormal cells from the vaginal wall you have a different Procedure its very similar to lletz but its called co2 laser done under general


Thank you, I feel silly that I didn't ask at the time but I was dealing with what they were doing to me!!

I think I will call on Monday as I hope they can clarify a bit more.

good luck with you, how long ago did they tell you this??


thanks jo