LLETZ - bright red bleeding won't stop :(

Hey everyone, I’m new on here I hope you don’t mind me posting this in desperation and I hope you can bear with me if this is something that is asked all the time…

I had an abnormal smear back in March with suspected cin3. I had a colposcopy and lletz treatment this Monday. I took it easy after and didn’t have much bleeding after but roll on two days later when I tried to go back to work and I feel lots of continuous gushes of red blood. I contact my consultant who asks me to come to the hospital so he can take a look.

He says I have breakthrough active bleeding in three spots and that he will recauterise and all will be fine. I was feeling dreadful so agreed and was sent home with some zidoval antibiotic gel to apply for the next five nights.

I was very sore last night after and just took it as easy as I could on the sofa. Applied the gel before bed and woke up this morning happy to find a much darker and lesser amount of bleeding.

I have done next to nothing today but as evening approaches I am getting sorer again and the bright red gushes of blood have returned.

I am at my wits end… is this normal?? Has anyone else had such excessive red bleeding after a lletz treatment? I’m so tired and frustrated that things aren’t going as they should. Any answers will be very much appreciated. Xx

Sorry if you have already said this, but did the doctor actually recauterise it or do you have to go back to have this done?

You poor thing, I can't really say from personal experience as my bleeding post LLETZ was really light. Is it heavier than a period?


I have just had the same problem as you.

Although I have had to lletz under GA with in two months of each other. After my second one the bleeding was getting worse so I went back and saw my consultant. He courtrised 2/3 areas and touch wood it seems to have done the trick. With having my two ops and biopsies I was bleeding for nearly 5 months. 

Give it another week or so and try and rest as much as you can and see how things are after you've finished your gel. I do a lot of running and haven't been at all these last 5 months. Just so my body heals correctly. Can't wait to get back to it.

Good luck and get plenty of rest.


Emma xx

Thank you ladies for taking the time to reply! I am sorry to hear of your long road to recovery Emma. I hope you will be back to doing what you enjoy soon.

I am unfortunately writing this reply from a hospital bed. I was recauterise a second time but it STILL didn't stop the bleeding. I was then packed with gauze tripped in adrenaline.. overnight hospital stay and then back home. Okay for a couple of hours  then back to a&e.

Now I've been kept in overnight agaIn.. with bleeding not slowing and I'm horrified. I've been packed even more tightly and have a catheter in.. fingers crossed the next 12hrs pass uneventfully and when they remove tomorrow morning the bleeding has subsided.

I am completely exhausted and can't take much more..the next option is surgery under ga. How did a simple routine procedure end up here??

O my goodness, you poor thing :-( Hiw are you doing now? They must of nicked a bigger blood vessel? I wonder have they given you ant transenemic acid? I had a massive burst hematoma 2wks post lletz and that did the job for me... X