Lletz bleeding problems

Hi everyone, 

This is probably going to be gross but I've hunted everywhere for answers and well I've not found any. 

I had the Lletz procedure 5months ago after 5 years of smears, colposcopy etc. The procedure was performed by a trainee doctor supervised by my gyno. During the procedure I started feeling really faint suddenly and went extremely white to be told by the nurse I had lost quite a lot of blood. The gyno ended up having to take over because the trainee was having trouble stopping the bleeding. I have a heart condition because of Marfans syndrome and well blood loss to me is sorta severe. I felt fine afterwards and went into town with my partner then suddenly the anaesthetics wore off and I was in severe pain. That night I was in bed asleep by 6pm because of the pain. I didn't bleed that much afterwards, had a weird clot thing and then everything seemed fine. 

But since my periods have been increasingly getting worse. As a teenager I had severe period pain to the point I would pass out and was given strong muscle relaxants from my doctor but that pain had stopped years ago. But all of a sudden period pain is worse. And well this month I swear I am actually dying. 

I had been so busy i completely lost track of when my period was due, I'm not on contraception and my period was a little later then I thought it should be but I wasn't sure when it was due. Took a preg test and negative. Then period came and it was ok for first day then yesterday I couldn't move because of the pain I was in. Bleeding was heavy and as day went on it got heavier by 9pm last night I was feeling light headed couldn't think straight, had tingling in my arms and legs, couldn't form sentences properly and well I remember sending a text message and having difficulty sending it but then when I woke up this morning I hadn't sent anything, the time on my  phone was changed (I don't remember changing it, and you have to manually go into settings to change it) and I had bleed through a super strength pad over night. I had a major head ache today as well. I have never had a period like this ever before and since my lletz they have been getting increasingly worse. I'm still bleeding at the same rate today, I'm drinking lots of water and electrolyte supplement and keeping my iron, salts and sugar levels up but still feel horrible. I have my 6month check up coming up and I will mention it then but I really want to know if I should be going to emergency or something. 


When I had Lletz I was told if I was feeling unwell to go straight to a and e which I did end up doing because I had severe pain about a week after and because of my heart condition the risk of infection was very dangerous I was given strong antibiotics and everything seemed to be fine. But something definitely isn't right now. 


What should I do? 

By the way I'm 25years old, never had kids but do want them one day, but probably can't because of this and I have scoliosis (two naturally fused vertebrae incl.) and a heart condition. 

Hi Marisa,

If you are still bleeding heavily, and blood loss does indeed appear to affect you worse than most people, and you Doctor's surgery is probably closed because it's Saturday, I'd take myself off to A&E to see medically trained people.

Be lucky