Lletz biopsy shows CIN3 but letter mentions "further plan of management"

I'm very releived that my biopsy does not show cancerous cells, but can someone translate my results letter?

My letter says:

"The result from the biopsy taken earlier has returned to show CIN3. These results will be dicussed at out monthly meeting. I will write to you again with the further plan of managment following this meeting"

I had my lletz under GA and my discharge notes mention that the procedure was difficult due to the location and the extensive size of the lesion. Does this, along with the mention of "further managment" in the letter mean they didnt get it all. I rang the consultants secretary and she was nice, but couldnt really tell me anything. 

Any clues would be helpful :)


Hi, Im in a similar situation. I had Lletz under general and didn’t expect much back to be honest. My biopsy the previous year showed that there was no CIN and only inflammation on my cervix. However the results show high grade pre cancerous changes. The smears were always just showing minor changes so this is a shock. The letter from the surgeon said ‘treatment should suffice for now’. I don’t even know what this means. Im sorry I can’t answer your questions meraud. like you I’m confused! 





I would assume that "treatment should suffice for now" means that they have got everything and they dont feel there's anything more to do at the moment. But that's just a guess!

Before I had my lletz my consultant said if the results were ok, an appointment would be booked for a smear in 6 months. Have they said anything to you about a  follow up smear? I'm assuming I may need further treatment because he mentioned "plan of managment", but this could just be a smear/colposcopy.

You could give your consultant's secretary a ring and ask them to explain  or ask your GP as they will have a copy of the letter you received.Best wishes