Lletz/biopsy results

Hi sorry foe the long winded post! i had my lletz yesterday for cin3 didnt really get much information i had my colposcopy biopsies taken October 12th all i was told was abnormal cells i recieved a leter for lletz treatment but it didnt say what they had found in the biopsy so i rang up the department who told me it was cin 2 and 3 anyway i then got a letter to say biopsy results mismatch to origonal biopsy cin1 nothing in the letters about hpv what does this mean missmatch to origonal biopsy when i only had 1 lot of biopsy taken? This is also my 2nd lletz for cin 3 first one was about 7 years ago and since then all smears have been cin1 until now. I did mention the confusion with letter to the drs doing my procedure and the nurse in wkth me she tried to give me answers but said he woukd know more however he never said a thing not really sure to the point of my post other than maybe getting a little understanding or to have a rant. How long are people waiting for results after a lletz xxx

Hi ellie i had a child a year or so after then after that i had yesrly smears all said low change so just kept up with the year this was my first one been back to 3 years which again said low but was sent for biopsy this time for it to be cin2 and 3 not once theyve even mentioned hpv until during my lletz they said maybe this was why i was sent for biopsy when only low grade changes as previojs time i hadnt been its all just too confusing i feel like ive barely been told anything xxx