LLETZ between 20th June AND 13th July

hello ladies

trying to pass the time and to roughly know when Lletz results will arrive...... so if you had your Lletz within the above time frame dates please feel free to post what date you had the Lletz then again when your result comes through.  

Wishing everyone well xx 


Lletz for Cin 3 on 7th July 

awaiting results 

Slightly out of your dates but had mine on 31st may and received my results on 8th July 5 weeks and 3 days 

Hope you receive them soon

Colposcopy prompted immediate Lletz on 3rd July 2017 after abnormal smear - still waiting

Hi I had mine on 11th July and they have booked me a results appointment on 25th July. Mine was also CLIN3 xx

Lletz 11th July for

- Cin1 according to previous diagnosis,

- cin2 according to most recent colposcopy,

- no changes according to most recent smear.

Expecting results in 4-5 weeks. Wonder which test is proven right?


I had my LLETZ on July 11th

will come back and let you know when I've had letter through 

LLETZ 3rd July 

2weeks tomorrow still nothing

hope all goes well ladies 

time is drag its behind x

Thanks.  Hope your results were ok

Good luck

Good luck

Good luck 

Any chance of calling the department that did it to see if they are back?

LLETZ 4th July, 2 weeks tomorrow.. watching the letterbox like a hawk waiting for the results.

Longest 2 weeks ever..!

I was thinking that but I kinda don't want to know to nervous x

Smear and colposcopy said cin1 but punch biopsy said cun 2 and 3.

Got Lettz two weeks later on 11th of JulY. Very anxiously awaiting result 

A few of us had ours on 11th July I noticed! 

Its only been 8 days but omg. I go on holiday for a week on August 5th and I'm worried I wonr have them in time.... or I do and it's bad news! Christ almighty. 

I noticed that about the 11th July too.  

Any results anyone 

Had my LEEP on July 13th. For CIN3. So around the same time as many of you. My 2 week follow-up appointment is set for this coming Thursday. Supposedly, we'd discuss the results then. Does anyone know if you can go to follow-up appointments if you are on your period? I have no clue when mine will actually happen now since this sort of stuff sometimes makes it come earlier or later. Hard to predict. 

I wasn't as nervous about all of that until a day or two ago. Now I'm all freaked out that they might find something worse than CIN3. That does happen sometimes right? I know this next bit of waiting is going to be tough!