LLETZ ave. time for results.. CGIN & CIN confused.

Hi, I was just wondering on average how long people had to wait to receive their results. I had my lletz procedure done on 14th October and as up to yet I haven't really worried, but its dawned on me I haven't heard anything yet and I'm really impatience :( I'm also a little confused after reading up on the internet and peoples results about CGIN? What is it and what does it mean compared to CIN. My results from my smear in September were high grade/severe. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Cgin is glandular cells cin are the top

of the cervix xx I know how awful this waiting till

is hope they hurry up for you xx

I had mine done on 6 th and been told my results in the post this week so 3 weeks wait for me xx

My first lletz results came in at 4 week with a 1a1 cancer diagnosis. My second was on the 13th so 3 week and no news yet. I'd say no news good news but after my first that isn't always the case. Sorry for the downer!!! Fingers crossed none of us have a long wait x

Hi...xbrollyx, I was wondering did you have a biopsy before the lletz? What were the results of that? Was it cancer or dysplasia? My smear and biopsy results said severe dysplasia (cin3) Dr said it was seriously severe across my cervix. I'm going for a leep on 11/5. I am somewhat concerned about the chances of anything more behind my cervix. The Dr said we needed to make sure there wasn't anything more behind my cervix or anything worse..that kind of concerns me. How are they going to treat you?