LLETZ and the coil

Hello All,

I recently had a LLETZ procedure and all went well, however I do have some advice if you have the coil…

If you have the coil and have the LLETZ procedure, be mindful that the coil can come out afterwards. It is probably rare and I was unlucky, but I was not made aware that it could happen.
If you have medium to heavy bleeding for longer than a normal period and you have cramps that might be slightly more painful than usual, get it checked. Don’t do as I did and just pass it off as normal side-effects.

My story:
I had checked with my consultant that my coil would be fine to stay in and he said it was so I was overjoyed. He talked me through how the tissue would heal around it and the coil should be fine. I wholly trust him that on most occasions it is all fine, but I would have liked warning of what to look out for if there were to be a problem.

As you will have been told/read, there is some bleeding to be expected after the LLETZ procedure and it says that it is only suspicious if you have heavy bleeding. I am sure you might be, as was I, unsure of what “heavy” meant and how long it should last. I didn’t want to made a big deal about my bleeding because I thought it was pretty normal lasting a few weeks and didn’t know whether my period had come early too, which would have explain the cramps and back ache I was getting.
One day I was at work and I had bad pains and when my boss saw me she insisted I go to the doctors to make sure all was OK. I was SURE I was going to be told off for wasting doctor time (I know that’s a silly thing to think) and was loathe to go. However, I did go and thank goodness I did. She was surprised by the amount of blood when she went to examine me (which shows I don’t understand a doctors version of “heavy” bleeding) and then immediately saw the problem - my coil was coming out. This meant that the arms of it were preventing and damaging any healing taking place and actually the coil was making things worse. She had to take the coil out or I would have been in a lot more difficulty and pain with potential serious consequences. Now, had I not have been forced to go to the doctors because of my boss, I wouldn’t have gone because I didn’t know this was a possibility. This is not meant to scare you, but it needs to be known what to look out for. The coil has been out a week and all bleeding has stopped and I am healing well :smiley:

Good news for those of you about to have the LLETZ - it is nowhere near as painful as the coil being put in! In fact, I barely felt a thing whilst it was happening :slight_smile: The people who do it are experts and it is a routine thing for them to do, so they are pretty nifty with it!