Lletz and propranolol (beta blockers

So I've got my colposcopy tomorrow and possible lletz treatment. I have been prescribed propranolol in the past to help with my nerves and rapid heart rate when anxious... I was planning on taking it before the procedure but I've just read the local anesthesia may contain adrenaline which could interact with the medication? I will try to ring the clinic but I don't think I'll get an answer, I don't want to sabotage my treatment but I don't want to not take it if it turns out I could have! I used it for my smear and it helped a lot to control my shakes and vaginismus.

Oh dear, I took this earlier today and have lletz in an hour! I will let you know the outcome, as I didn't know and I'm not risking delaying it!



How did it go? I managed to talk to a nurse earlier and she said it should be fine. I probably won't take it though.. I'm paranoid it'll somehow stop the anesthetic working! Why do they even put adrenaline in it anyway?! So random! Can't wait for this time tomorrow when it'll be over! 



It went absolutely fine! I didn't mention the tablets as I was so worried they wouldn't do the treatment - risky I know and not something I would recommend! Try not to worry about the lleetz, it's not great but it's no where near as bad as I had built it up in my head to be. I hardly felt a thing, just the initial anaesthetic. The nurses were great and kept me talking about random rubbish which was a welcome distraction. I've been fine since I got home too, so hopefully I stay that way. Good luck and try not to worry xx