LLETZ and pregnancy

Hi. I'm due to have a LLETZ done in the near future for CIN3. I'm 24 years old and I'm just wanted to hear people's stories on how they coped through pregnancy after having one. Especially as I'm not planning on having a baby for another 5 years or so. I want to know if people felt rushed into having a baby due to the abnormalities or iif people found it easier during labour and how far gone you were because it was several years later. All stories welcome. 

Hello. I hope your treatment goes well. I think if you want to find out whether the lletz procedure might have an impact on future pregnancies you need to ask the consultant. Usually It's ok unless you have had more than one procedure done or a very large one. And then again it depends on the person. I had a small lletz and had a normal pregnancy and delivery. Just as my consultant had advised. As for the risks of the cells coming back, I'd ask again. In theory lletz are 95% effective and youth helps fight the infection. I started having problems after the birth of my first child. I didn't wait to fall pregnant again for the results of my follow up smear and I'm glad I didn't because I had to had another two treatments. I am in my 40s though and one of the very few of us with recurring cin. I don't think there is anyway of knowing for sure. Just ask your consultant and take it from there. Good luck.X