Lletz and leep

Hi, me again haha I have another question… What’s the diffrence between Lletz and leep removal I had something called a loop procedure? I’m not sure on all this terminology.
Thankyou again

Also can I also ask, how do I receive the results? Will it be a call from the gp ? A letter ? Or is it a no news is good news scenario? No idea what to expect .

After the procedure I've had a lot of brown discharge, is all this normal?  Thankyou everyone 

I had a LLETZ (loop) procedure on Friday. IT was horrific! I was given a number on a leaflet to call up this coming Friday to get the results. It will also come on a letter too. 

I believe the letter also goes to your GP. 


I have been told that the letter will indicate what the cells were and if there are any bad cells left on my cervix. 


Brown discharge is normal. Its what I am having. Smells a bit like money? I am also getting black, like charcoal, grains in it every now and then! :) 

Theirs so much discharge it's like I have weed myself when it comes ! Haha this is multiple times a day. Is that what yours is like too?  Yes it smells like money haha.

Omg the procedure is awful isn't it ! I just cried throughout the whole thing. I never got given a number to ring. So I'm abit clueless now xx