LLETZ and Diagnosis

Hi ladies.
I had an LLETZ on 08/12/21 and I’m wondering if anyone had a diagnosis of CC with the following symptoms that I am experiencing.

Pelvic pain (tends to be around my lower back, stabbing pains and more of a dull ache)

Discharge (smelly, watery and always there no matter where in my cycle I am).

Recently, I have pink stains on tissue after wiping after sex and things last for a couple of days.

Hands, fingers and toes swelling.

Very tired!!

Very heavy periods!! I need 3/4 towels

I am nervous about my LLETZ results and it’s constantly on my mind

Dear Sam,

I hope you get your results soon. The thing is, it’s not helpful for anyone to try to judge whether or not you’ve got cervical cancer based on your symptoms. The are other things, like endometriosis and infection, that could cause such symptoms. Many people presenting with cancer have no, or practically no, symptoms at all. Generally cervical cancer has to have grown/developed until it impinges on some other organ before any discomfort is felt. Bleeding can be a sign of something wrong, but CC is not the only thing that could cause this.

Please try to be strong and wait for your results. You can let us know when you find out by updating this post (posting to the same thread). X