LLETZ and cone biopsy

Hi all, 

Following my first smear in 2009, I was given a LLETZ procedure for treatment of high grade CIN3 and CGIN also high grade.

I was then relatively clear until last year when my biopsies in November indicated CIN3 had returned. 

Last week I had a general anaethetic and was told that I would be given another LLETZ procedure. However, they ended up giving me a cone biopsy. 

I was wondering what the reasons would be for doing this instead of a LLETZ?

Also, I was told that I have a very small cervix and no more LLETZ procedures will be able to be done should the abnormalities return.

What would be the next procedure if they abnormalities did return?

The consultant last week told me to 'hurry up and have my babies'. Is there a risk that I might need surgery that will jeopardise my fertility?

If so, how large is that risk and are babies something I should be seriosuly considering?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks x 



I'm really no expert on your quesion im wondering if you had cone as member when they did your first lletz there wasnt much more left of your cervix so had to do a cone? Or maybe if there was more of an abnormal area than they thought. They are only going to have taken what they thought was necessary.

If they've done a cone obvously thats a larger area so maybe they would have to look at more drastic measures? I'm not speaking from experience purely what youve put in your post. Just be positive whatever theu do is for your best interests and your health :) 

Are you wanting children and are you in a relationship you want them in? I wanted children this year before my abnormal results ao as soon as I can I want to start trying, lifes too short if you want kids maybe dont regret in a few years not trying now.

I wish you all the best with it...sorry if I've not been much help :)

I always pictured my life with children in it. But I am 27 and single so being told I need to hurry up and have children has just stressed me out.

I guess I will know more when they have returned the histology from the cone biopsy. 

Thanks for your advice x

What a horrible and scary thing to be told by a doctor, we are about the same age and if you're anything like me babies seem so far in the future! I think the absolute last resort would be removing the whole cervix or even a hysterectomy, as they have probably left you with just enough cervix to carry a baby, but removing any more could have an affect. I suspect they're just being cautious, remember it takes 10-15 years for cin to develop into cancer so this is all on a large time scale. I'm sure he meant consider babies within the next 5 or 6 years or so... Not immediately! What a horrible thing to go through, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to keep getting an abnormal result. Our bodies really do go against us sometimes don't they! 


As for why they did a cone, it was probably because when they had a look they could tell the cells went up a bit further and it seemed logical to do it there and then while you were under. Hopefully this should mean they managed to get it all this time! Fingers crossed for you :) 



I'm 28 so also similiar i'm in a relationship though so guess a bit different. You cant do anything other look after you! I no it must seem scary what they said to you but at least they are being honest and not leaving you in the dark. If your single your single but i guess what they are saying is when the time is right go for it rather than waiting any longer. My friend has VIN which is slightly different and they are hanging on for her to have kids before the do anything for her. Theyve been monitoring her for years as she isnt sure yet if she wants kids.


Dont panic if its meant to be its meant to be. I wish you all the best of luck :)

Littlecat your waiting times and appointments are so much shorter than mine! Must not be as busy in the area you live in :(