Lletz and cone biopsy in one month

Hi all, firstly I want to say thank you for sharing all if your stories. It has been a huge comfort. I am 30 years old no kids (but we are hoping to have some). I was diagnosed with CIN 3 after an abnormal smear, colposcopy and punch biopsy and went on to have a lletz. The lletz went well I felt fine afterwards, no bleading and light cramping . My lletz results returned to show stage 1 cervical cancer and I was booked in for a cold knife cone biopsy and eccc the next week ( 3 weeks after lletz). I had the procedure yesterday under general anastechic. Since coming home last night I have been in a lot of pain, the doctor prescribed panadine forte which dulls the pain but its still there and unbearable when it wears off. I am also due on my period so I am wondering if that's why it seems more painful. Any advice welcome? Is it normal to be in a lot of pain after a cone biopsy? Thanks again, Fran xxx