LLETZ and Cone biopsy - Arterior cervical deficiancy *New*


i am am new to this forum and hoped that someone may be able to shed a bit of light for me?

On Friday I underwent a LLETZ and cone biopsy under GA. Everything went well and I was not informed of any issues nor did I ask if there was any. I received my discharge letter but rather than reading it, I just put it straight into my bag. After looking at it when I got home the comments on there was ' loop cone biopsy of 2 areas of the cervix. Arterior cervical deficiancy.

i have tried googling the Arterior cervical deficiancy but I cannot really find any information on this, does anyone know what this means?

Kind regards, Abi x

I've no idea what that means, but the Ask the Expert function in here is brilliant and they should be able to help xx