Lletz and Bleeding

Good Evening All
I attended my appointment for Lletz on Monday. I have had some bleeding since however when i woke up this morning the bleeding was really heavy. I stood up at work and blood gushed out soiling all my clothing through to my trousers (sorry for tmi). I went to a&e today and they looked at cervix and cauterized the area. I am still bleeding and changing pads hourly. I have taken some pain killers but was wondering what else i can do to ease the bleeding.
Any advice grateful x

hi sorry  to hear your having trouble. are you any better now? 


Hi kirstyjane

Thanks for replying. I am still bleeding and having to change pad once an hour. I now also seem to picked up a sickness bug, i feel dreadful x 

oh no :( not good hun, maybe you need some antibiotics or something? I think you should phone the clinic and explain to them that your still bleeding heavy.

big hugs for you xx

Hi, sorry to hear youre having such a terrible time. I didn't have much bleeding but i did have more pain than I was expecting. I had a few days after where I was fine but then hit me 4 days after, try to rest as much as you can. No heavy lifting and stay off your feet as much as you can. Xx

Evening All 

Just a quick update. Im still bleeding heavily and now also have an infection so on antibiotics 4 times a day for 2 weeks :(.Hopefully they help x 

I'd allso take  some natural anti biotics/immune boosters such as a high dose of vitamin C (try Pukka herbs), turmeric (try turmeric tea), echinacea (tincture), manuka honey and then get a really good probiotic like Biocult or strong Acidophalous. If you do only one of those things, go for the probiotic - you want to make your body as strong as possible - antibiotics can bugger up your immune system so a good probiotic will replenish your good gut bacteria x.