Lletz and a wedding the next day-Advice pls!

Hi all,
I’m due to have lletz under local the day before my sisters wedding. After all the pandemic restrictions the wedding will be a big, busy family event. For those who have had lletz is this advisable or would you recommend re scheduling the treatment? The wedding is in the countryside a couple of hours away from where I live so theres some driving involved as well. Thanks for any advice!

I haven’t had a LLETZ for many years, but it seems to affect people differently - I would not be happy having that sort of procedure a day before an important family wedding - but I don’t know whether you would be able to reschedule. Maybe best to talk to your surgical health care team about it. X

I agree with Jacks. I had mine under general but I was wore out for about 3 days after I had mine done. Physically and emotionally as well.

But I have read of women have the procedure done and doing things immediately afterwards also! I think every body is different :woman_shrugging:t4: Good luck with your procedure and I hope you have an easy recovery and are able to enjoy your sisters wedding :heart:

I had mine yesterday and definitely would not feel up for a wedding today. I would reschedule if possible

Oh that’s tricky! It’s one of those things, you might feel okay but you might not. I recently had it done under a GA and I was quite sore the next day, nothing that a paracetamol didn’t sort out but I wouldn’t have felt like socialising or attending such an important family event. Some women bleed more than others too so that might be something you consider depending on what you’re wearing.
In saying that health does come first ( I don’t know what grade your changes are/how long you’ve already been waiting etc) so if you’re going to reschedule I would make sure you can get an alternative date quite quickly. If it’s going to be awhile before your next appointment, although it’s not ideal, it might be worth going ahead rather than delaying a procedure that you need.

You could also call daily to see if there’s any cancellations and possibly get seen sooner. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks all for taking the time to reply, I got another appointment for a few days later, thanks for the advise, really appreciate it!