LLETZ aftercare


I had my smear done after 1 year and got abnormal result (severe), within 2 weeks i had my LLETZ treatment at the hospital (Confirmed CIN3). It felt abit rushed, i was out the door straight after with a letter telling me what to expect. I lost a watery discharge for 10days (wasnt told about this) then on Saturday (11days after) i had bad cramping and some bleeding. about 2 days ago i felt a couple of gushes and went to the toilet and my pad was quite full, and since then in the evenings my pads are becoming very full and iv also had some clotting, biggest being size of 50p. Is this normal?
I havent had a period in over a year as i have a 5month old whom i breastfeeding so i cant even remember how much i bled on a period to know if this is a normal amount.

Thank you

This is what I have been having. They said might be an infection or a burst blood vessel that they need to cautorise. Antibiotics and or a and e, that's as much help as I have been given. 

Also I don't think there is such a thing as aftercare 

When I had mine I was told I would get period like pain, brown watery discharge and bleeding which I did. You will also get pieces of what looks like coffee grains which is also normal. But I would say if u are worried do go to your docs to be checked. I had mine about a month ago and just stopped having discharge now.