LLETZ, after effects and clots???

I've posted a couple times about this already, but I'm looking for other people's experiences so I can convince myself I'm not going mad.

It's now 4 weeks since my LLETZ and I rang the DR on Tuesday as I'm still bleeding. She said I should come in so she can 'have a look'. Well, I went, and my partner came with me (bless him). But in the time between the phone call and the actual appointment the bleeding got a lot heavier. Now, my period is due this weekend, so maybe it's just this. But it's the fact that there seems to be a lot of gushing and then nothing for a while and then more gushing. I've passed a few clots too, not mega huge, but way bigger than I normally do when I'm on. We're talking 1.5 to 2 inches size. :O This is NOT my first period since the procedure, I had one about 4 days after, which was quite heavy, but no clots and nothing like this. I've had the gritty scab thing a couple weeks back too, so it's not that.

Doc felt my stomach, said it seemed OK. She couldn't check inside obviously. Gave me some antibiotics just in case and told me to come back in 10 days if it's still not stopped. She did some blood tests too as she's fairly sure I'm anaemic - hurrah for me!

My question is:

How many of you have had a similar experience? Is this 'normal'?


Hi Jodhi

This is my first post but I've been reading the forums for a while now.

I can't give any advice re the LLETZ because I haven't had mine yet (my appointment is on Tuesday) but I was advised to go to the doctors last week by the colposcopy clinic as I was experiencing extremely heavy bleeding.  The doctor gave me an internal examination despite the heavy bleeding and said the bleeding looked slightly strange so she gave me two lots of antibiotics to take, which have stopped it.

I just wondered if it might be worth asking the doctor to examine you anyway - I was on my period when I had my colposcopy appointment but because my smear had showed up high grade changes, the clinic told me to go in anyway and they carried out the examination and biopsy despite the fact I was bleeding.

Don't know if that helps at all but I thought I'd share the info.



Hi Jodhi.

Don't worry you're not going mad! I've had a very similar experience recently. It is now 3 weeks from my Lletz surgery and the bleeding and clots seem to be getting worse as each day passes, and don't even get me started on the gushes.....

I've spoken to my consultant, colposcopist and to my GP who have assured me that this is perfectly normal, but having now been bleeding continuosly since August 6th (Colposcopy) I'm getting really fed up and have booked another appointment to see my GP as I'm constantly tired and think that I may also be anaemic!

Hope that this puts your mind at rest a little - fingers crossed the bleeding will stop for both of us really soon!


Girls, bleeding like that is not normal, the fact that you are anaemic now says it all; you have lost too much blood. It is likely that the bleeding may have been caused by infection, so great to be on antibiotics, but you also need the bleeding to stop, and if that hasn't happened within the next day I would really go somewhere where you can be properly examined and treated. I had silver nitrate applied and it stopped the bleeding almost straight away. Not up there with my favourite experiences, but so relieved at the same time. 

bright red blood means something is actively bleeding! And it shouldn't be! 

Please take care, go to a and e if you need to.

lots if love, Molly xxx

Hey hun, I had my lletz 6 weeks ago. Bled for 2 weeks until my period which was normal and then the bleeding stopped. Inbetween my last period and this one I had random days of dark brown discharge but this period (my second) came 4 days early and is so heavy with loads of clots etc! I'm not too worried, I've said I'm going to give it until Christmas to calm down. However u seem to be bleeding a lot more in general so go get it looked at!  xxx

Well, at least I'm not the only one.

Understand that red = active bleeding but, like I said, my period is due so I'm going to give it a few more days. I've got iron tablets to help, although I know this isn't fixing anything.

I don't feel quite so tired this morning so I'm taking it as a good sign ??? And no clots in the past 12+ hours, hoping this is progress.

Hi Jodhi , I think you definitely need to keep an eye on this.

I've had heavy bleeding twice this week and huge clots with two cauterisations. The gyno said that if you need to change a pad more than every two hours then you should get it looked at immediately.

Don't be worried about banging your doctors door down if you feel that you are not getting anywhere . No one knows your body better than you.

Take care xxx

How are you doing, Jodhi?

molly xx

Hello, I had the lletz procedure three weeks ago for cin 3. The bleeding was absolutely fine for he first two weeks and then, very heavy gush bleeding with clots the size of tennis balls. Went to hospital and they cauterised my cervix though they said that it looked like it was healing well and no sign of infection. I went home and the next day it was a lot worse. Admitted to hospital where they gave me fluids and took bloods. Hb had dropped and I was aneamic. Re cauterised again and kept in hospital. The bleeding slowed right down though they think that the problem was due to my period??? 


The clots are fun, aren't they? Grim. I think it was my period that started the big bleed off. Dreading the next one.

Mollz xxx