Lletz after Biopsies taken at Colposcopy

Hi ladies. I’m totally new here but I had a question and it seems this is the place to ask. So I had some abnormal results from a smear test about 4 months ago and HPV was detected and well as CIN (not sure which grade I’ve actually forgotten!) and so I was referred for a colposcopy. During the colposcopy several biopsies were taken and I received the result about a month ago saying again CIN had been found (seriously, I lost the letter and cannot remember what it said exactly! Can you actually believe that?!) and I needed a lletz procedure which is actually happening this morning at 11. I’ve been up all night worrying about it lol which I know is silly but sometimes you just can’t shut off ya know? Anyway, my question is this. Can Cervical Cancer be missed at the colposcopy but detected at the Lletz? The reason I ask is because I’ve had no end of issues for the last few years. I had uncontrollable, persistent bleeding for almost a year before they finally removed the lining of my womb (there’s a fancy medical term for this but I can’t remember it. Are you noticing a rubbish memory theme here??) and several ablations, although they never did tell me what they were. The bleeding stopped but ive had horrendous pain in my pelvis which has not gone away. Also I was looking into the things that make you slightly higher risk for CC (stupid Google!) and I do fit in there. Apparently having multiple children - I have 6 - and smoking,although I quit 7 months ago, are contributors.
I wouldn’t really be so concerned had it not been for the gynae problems I’ve had that nobody has been able to identify but now I’m a little worried if I’m honest.

I'm still waiting for my results from my colposcopy, but my OBGYN told me that after they do a LEEP or LLETZ they go in and look at the cells further, so I would assume it is a possibility. Obviously, I'm not a doctor and I'm fairly new to this whole experience myself, but the way my doctor put it, they can sometimes get different results after doing the procedures. She even told me that sometimes she will recommend a patient getting LLETZ done instead of LEEP (in regards to CIN 2)if she is concerned about the area because the LEEP procedure burns away some of the cells with the heat, so it may not give as clear results. Now with LLETZ, they use a scalpel, so all the cells stay in tact and they can get a better look at them. 

Once again, not a professional or anything, but this is what I was told. I hope this helps and good luck with your procedure! <3 

Oh! Scalpel?? I thought they were burned off during lletz! Booooo! I so wish I could just be put under for this lol. I've had multiple surgeries around this area (including a double saplingectomy) but none of them were while I was awake! Oh well it's quick from what I've heard so hopefully we'll just get it over and done with ASAP and then u can begin the other waiting game lol. Thank you for your reply x

My doctor said they do put you under for LLETZ. o.O Maybe they are doing a LEEP? 

Hi there ladies. a Loop and LLETZ are basically the same thing and use an electric current wire. you can learn more about it here


They can do a Lletz under general but prefer to do it under a local anaesthetic. Hope it all went well X 

Ok so I had the procedure which quite frankly, was awful! They had to give me double the amount of local anaesthetic than they normally would because I kept feeling everything. But in the end it wasn't as painful as I was expecting. I'm in quite a bit of discomfort now though so have been in bed most of the day to try and ease it up. Now according to the doctor the reason I needed the LETTZ was because they found CIN 1 and some CIN 2. Sorry I'm not totally up to speed with the lingo and this is just what I took in when they were talking to me Because I was so nervous about the procedure itself. 13 different biopsies were taken from what I could gather? Is that normal? I thought it would just be one or two to be honest. 


Im still pretty concerned though. I've had so so many issues that I've always felt like there was more to it ya know? Not specifically cancer but something more than they have ever found. I now have the long 4-6 week wait for results which is unbearable but I'll just try and forget about it until I get the letter (yeah right!) and go from there. I know that it's possible for CC to not be detected immediately via the colposcopy and there's more chance (I think?) of finding it in the results of the biopsies taken today. I'd like to think the good ol NHS would get back to me sooner rather than later if it's worse case scenario but I won't hold my breath lol. 


Thanks for the advice though ladies, it's much appreciated. I'm now a little obsessed with readin all the inspirational posts on this site. Whether it's bad news for me or not, I'm still inspired to live life fully from some of the brave women fighting <3

I hope your results come back soon and you recover quickly! I'm glad things ended up going okay. C=