LLETZ affected my orgasms?

Hi! I’m new on here. Im not sure I’m posting on the right forum for this question, still working out how to use the site!

I had my first smear back in July which came back mildly abnormal and then a colposcopy revealed a patch of CIN3 cells which I had to then go on to have removed via a LLETZ procedure.

Does anyone know of or had an experience of the LLETZ procedure affecting your sexual satisfaction? I had an orgasm without intercourse on day 12 after treatment and it was a really weak, barely there orgasm. I tried again later in the day and the same thing happened again. I’m worried that this is what it’s going to be like for me now? :’(


I think having a lesions effected my orgasm. I've never had an orgasm from just sex until a couple months ago. Was diagnosed with C1N3 a month later. Also am worried about sex after getting a LEEP.

I think its all because of  junk food

I can’t find them now but I’ve read some articles about LEEP procedures being similar to female castration. Sexism in the medical field has left doctors with actually very little knowledge about the sexual functions of our genitals and I personally know that I’ve felt different since my first LEEP. My orgasms are weak, and sex drive is non existent. I don’t know if it’s a mental block but I can’t help but to want to connect the dots here.