Lletz advice please x

Hi everyone so i had Lletz procedure done last Monday i had very little bleeding an just a little discharge this evening however sorry for tmi my discharge is kinda pinky im not sure if its my period starting or is this normal my period wouldnt be due for another week or so can it make your period come early?any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks xx

P.s iv read somewhere on day 10 bleeding can happen i guess im just panicking a little xx

Hi i started to bleed on about day 10 after my 1st lletz upto that point id only really had watery discharge. I bleed (lightly) for about 2.5 wks once it started.
Ive had my 2nd lletz beginning of feb and bleed from day 1 and its only just stopped early this week. So i guess each person and procedure reacts differently. But what your describing sound’s normal to me
Hope your doing ok xx

Thank you so much for replying this is my first Lletz i was like you had very little to nothing lastweek but tonight i had bit pinky then browny blood felt bit crampy too more than what i had an it did scare me i suppose because iv had very little but thank you your words reassure me i guess this whole process is different for everyone on my hosp aftercare sheet it did say bleeding upto 4 weeks but sure iv anxiety over this all regardless so im a mess this site is a great help hope your doing ok too :blush: xx

Hey no worries i know how it feels its a pretty scary time but this site helps so much.
I also got the odd cramps like period cramps. Please try not to worry too much …i know its easier said than done!
If in any doubt give the hospital a call i did on 1st lletz and they were there to reassure me x

Thank you so much your advice it settled me lastnight im not too bad since thankfully!I tend to panic quick im good at advice for others but not myself unfortunately :see_no_evil: i will ring them if it gets worse or doesnt feel right thank you it does help to know you were the same :two_hearts: xx