Lletz 6 months ago, now bleeding.

Hi Ladies,

I'm looking for a bit of advice/comfort/similar stories.

I had my lletz under GA for Cin3 6 months ago and I'm due my follow up colposcopy in a little over 2 weeks. I waited 3 months after my lletz before sex with my partner as to be honest I was completely terrified. I bled the first time but only very lightly so I put it down to being the first time after my op.

Since then I've bled occasionally after sex but only a tiny bit, however today I bled an unusually large amount.

Sorry for the TMI but the sheets had loads on and I bled for about 10 minutes after. It was a watery almost orange blood but I've never experienced this before. Is it possible I still haven't healed properly or is it more likely they didn't get all the cells and its developed further.

I'm a little worried now and the colposcopy clinic can't fit me in any earlier. I know 2 weeks isn't too long to wait but I just hope I get a better nurse than last time so I can ask questions. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

Go to the docs and get them to examine you, Hun it sounds like it hasn't healed. Realistically it won't have progressed to cancer if it was all gone in 6 months :) I know its hard


Thanks hun.

My doctors won't do examinations so I'll see if they can fit me in at the family planning clinic.