Lletz #2

Hello all,

I’m hoping someone here can help me because I’m at my wits end and I’m so tired of all this.

It started in March 2015 with an abnormal smear, followed by a colposcopy and a ‘see & treat’ LLETZ. My consultant seemed to think they were all done and gave me the idea that was it and it would be 6 monthly smears from here on out, but it turns out they took another smear after the LLETZ which still came back abnormal. After some frantic googling and a lot of topic reading here I thought I knew what to expect. Results confirmed it - high grade CGIN. I didn’t even get a letter come through, just an automated call trying to confirm an appointment. I bled for 6 weeks after my first LLETZ, in what I now think was an infection but I didn’t know it wasn’t normal. They confirmed the CGIN in December but I was about to set off on holiday so put off treatment and went in January.

It’s been 2 weeks since LLETZ#2 and I just don’t feel myself at all. After a week I had bright orange bad smelling discharge (sorry!) and so I rang the docs. 30 secs (literal) on the phone and I got some antibiotics to collect. No one asked much about discharge beyond when I said how it smelt. I’ve just finished my course (1 week - 1200mg per day) and I feel terrible. Still getting some brown discharge although not smelling bad, but I feel so low and the last 2 nights I have been awake with pelvic pains. I’m tired, listless and fed up. It’s very unlike me as I usually exercise and am active. I feel like a mad hypochondriac back and forth between doctors and I just don’t want to do this anymore. So if anyone has had similar, when will I feel better? Do I need more antibiotics or is it normal now? Is it normal to have pelvic pain at night? And can it all be fine after LLETZ#2? Also has anyone else felt so tired? I really appreciate any help.

Thank you.

I had my lletz under general anaesthetic last Thursday and I'm exhausted. My shoulders and arms ache and my whole tummy area just doesn't feel right. I'm ok in the house but when I go out, I'm not myself. A stupid woman beeped at me in the carp ark on Sunday and I was shaking for ages! I don't know about infection, this is the first time I have had to get this and I don't know if I am just imagining myself ill or if I need to go see doc. Sorry not much help to you but wanted to give some support. Hope you feel better soonxx

I hope you feel better too - definitely see your doctor xx