LLETZ 2 days ago and still uncomfortable


just looking for a bit of advice.  I had LLETZ procedure 2 days ago for severe dyskaryosis. I haven't had much bleeding or discharge what seems to be the main problem is itchiness! I am very itchy (down there) and quite sore! I've also noticed that my urine first thing in the morning stinks! Anyone else had the same problem?

Thanks in advance!

First smear test was aged 22 result severe dyskaryosis,  colposcopy and laser treatment 

Clear smears every year until this year when again severe dyskaryosis and this time LLETZ treatment!.awaiting results 

Hello luv I had the same problem. 

Hello luv I had the same problem. 

Hi Bex, Hope you're coping OK. I haven't had any treatment yet, only biopsies on Friday. I've had some mild itchiness and stinging in my vagina which I have put down to the movement of the speculum and healing. Itching when healing is very normal because of the histimines in the area (I had a small lump removed from my arm a few years back and the itching drove me crazy!) But if you're getting any bad smelling discharge etc I would ring your clinic as soon as you can. All the leaflets and advice I've been given has said to get in touch if anything smells or is obviously abnormal as you could have an infection. It is quite a difficult area for after care, since you can't just put a plaster on it to keep any nasties out. Again I've not had it myself but I would definitely ring your clinic with any concerns xxx


I was really sore for about a week after I had my lletz. I just found that it was very irritated down there (understandable really) and I also had the same problems in the morning. You may find that you get some quite runny liquid coming out of you as well, especially in the morning, its quite a weird sensation but I have been told it is perfectly normal. My bleeding didn't start until about 10 days after either (when it starts to scab).


Hope you start to feel better soon :)



Thanks for your replies ladies, this has made me feel much better. The itchiness isn't as bad today and I actually managed to sleep a bit last night without it waking me up to much.  I know what you mean Ashleigh about the liquid that started to happen last night :-( It is a very weird sensation! Thankfully I don't have any pain just uncomfortable but like you have said it's bound to be really! 

The things us women have to put up with! !


Ha it is very weird isn't it! The first time it happened I actually questioned whether I had wet myself.

Glad you are feeling better :) 


Hello, I was a little itchy afterwards for a few days and always seem to be the same after they use the speculum etc. I'm on day 9 post LLETZ treatment and I've been bleeding quite a bit since about day 3/4....I went to the doctors on Friday to get checked as I was convinced it was too much but doctor said all is well and looks how it should 7 days after treatment. however I'm still bleeding, sometimes really light and sometimes a little heavier! I've also got the runny liquid mentioned....is it normal to still be moderately bleeding 9 days afterwards? Xxx

I think it is normal to be bleeding still after that long. Ashleigh above didn't start bleeding until about 10 days after treatment so guess we are all different! I'm sure I've read on other posts that they have been for a good few weeks after!

yes the liquid is a very funny feeling indeed! 

I have started bleeding today but not sure if it's actually my period as that is due!