Lletz 10 days ago and still bleeding

Hi All

I have been reading lots of info about what to expect after LLETZ but still not sure that everything is 'normal'.  I had my period 2 days before LLetz treatment 10 days ago.  After treatment I bled quite heavily for 3 days (about as much as a heavy period) and have been in pain since.  The pain is mostly like a dull throbbing pain and I can't sit still for very long or it feels worse.  10 days on and I am still bleeding with no signs that it is going to stop, it does smell unpleasant (sorry!) but not bad.  

I'm off to Brighton for a week next week and then off to Glastonbury Festival the week after and just feeling anxious I guess.  

Am I being hysterical or should I go to my GP.  The consultant said I might have spotting for a few weeks after my treatment but this is def more than spotting. 


Thanks for reading the ramblings of a mad woman who can't sleep!



Sounds like a infection if it smells go to ur gp hun x

Hi sounds like you need some antibiotics, I have had an infection after both of my Lletz procedures, hope you get it sorted then you can go and have some fun :-) x

couldn't get an appointment with GP but spoke to him on the phone - he presribed 2 different antibiotics.  Darn it!!!!