Llettz results? Confused

hello ladies, 

im after some advice please. Today I had llettz whilst the procedure he told me I have to wait for results? Does this mean I could have cancer? so scared now :( 

thankyou xx

Hi sweetie I had mine done yesterday too under general, the results are to see how bad the cells are to see if anything more is there, waiting is a horrible time, but keep positive hunni, keep busy, remember the cells they remove are to insure we don't get cancer in the future xxx

thank you so much for replying, so is that normal what they do sending it off? I'm sooooo worried thank you again xxxx

Yes, when we have LLETZ treatment done the tissue they remove is always sent off, we wsit for results to let us know how bad the cells were, please dont worry, ive been so poorly from

worryinf but ive decided to sit back wait and face whatever is coming!!! Did you have a biopsy when you had a colposcopy xxx

Ive inboxed you! Im guessing they did your treatment the same day as your colposcopy? This is all normal

sweetie its to see what cin is it... xxx

I've messaged you xxxx

i had CIN3 removed - why would they need to check what it is if they know it was CIN3 before my lletz?

I'm really not sure that what I'm worried about xx