LLET and on blood thinners

Had LLET and biospy done today, wasn’t as bad as i expected, worst part for me was the doctor having to disable my ICD device and everyone worrying it wasn’t off.

From reading this forum, it seems they really don’t tell you the truth about how you will feel after. Ive been completely fine since the procedure so feel im just waiting for the storm.

Also seems everyone is told different, i checked and checked about swimming and they said it was OK once discharge stops.

I take blood thinners for a heart condition and worried when i start these again is when im going to get the storm, has anyone else had treatment and on blood thinners, just wondered how this effected their recovery, keeping my fingers crossed for no bleeds but stil anxious as read people bled after a week etc.

I had my LLET today and they told me to stop my aspirin 7 days before the consultant told me when I left I can start up my aspirin today when I got home or tomorrow