Living with stage 4 cancer


I was originally diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical cancer in 2012 when I was 27. I was treated with a cone biopsy and top hat and sent on my way. 9 years later I discovered that it had been mis-staged and should have been stage 1b1 and I SHOULD have had more treatment. I now have stage 4 with mets in my pelvic region and bony invasion to my lower spine and femur. I’ve been NED for the past year after a gruelling regime of chemo and radiotherapy but there are signs I have pelvic relapse so I’m having a biopsy next week and will likely need a large vascular operation to cut away the cancer.

I feel incredibly lucky to have clear organs and truly believe that I’ll be around for a long time yet! I need to be as I have 9 year old twins.

I’d love to meet others of a similar age who have a similar diagnosis - there are lots of people out there but ideally they’d live close?

I’m treated privately as my husband has great healthcare through work - I count my blessings everyday for this and know this makes me hugely privileged. I don’t take this for granted.

Hope to chat soon!


Hi Leanne, welcome! Ask to join the advanced section where more complex cases reside. It’s a smaller group with more similarities to your story.

See you there!


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Hello Karen!
Do you know how I find that section?

Try clicking this link. You have to ask to join as it’s restricted to stage 4 or exenteration.

Good luck.


Hey there, I’m 38 and Stage 4. Or at least I was. Long story short I was initially stage 3 but got bumped to stage 4 very quickly. Doctors thought I was chemo-resistant and put me on immunotherapy as last resort. Treatment worked very well I’m living a normal life now. It’s not over until it’s over! :slight_smile:


I just read your message! Thank you! I’m a big believer in it’s not over until it’s over! My question is always “what next?” Rather than “how long”

I don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon! One hopes! Are you on insta at all? Would love to stay in touch.