Living in fear of the postman again

The postman's just been ( no results ) but my heart is only starting to slow down again, I'm waiting on biopsy results and terrified of what they'll be. I hate this :( I had lletz for cin 111 in march and my 6 month smear came back showing hpv and hsil. I looked at the screen this time at colposcopy and there was lots of white circles, there was nothing visible when they were doing the last lletz. They took 2 biopsies and said even if it's mild they'll do another lletz which is fine with me. What I'm terrified of is if it's worse. I don't know if the abnormal bits were missed before and have been there for longer than 6 months or are new which would mean they appeared very quickly, either way it scares me. Has anyone been in this situation and had another lletz 6 months later and then been ok after that?

Hi sunnyday. I have been wondering the same, how do they know they’ve got it all during lletz? Finding out 6 months down the line u still have changes must be unnerving as u are told that lletz gets rid of it all! Hopefully it’s only mild changes and another lletz will zap it all away again and that will be it :slight_smile:
Bex xx

Thanks bex that’s what I’m really hoping that one more lletz will sort me out :smiley:

sorry to hear you have abnormalities again.
I am waiting for my biopsy results at the moment and its like mental torture! feel like I am stalking my letter box and I jumped a mile when my mobile rang earlier :roll:

fingers crossed for you

Cat x

Mental torture describes it well, I’m torn between wanting and not wanting my results, I want them if they’re not too bad and they can keep them if its bad :slight_smile: ( not really I just want to get it over with ). Hope your own results are ok and if you do need lletz don’t worry I found it fine and have no anxiety about probably needing it again.

This is my big fear and has been since May when I had my 2nd LLETZ. I hope if I get all clear in Nov then I can live my life without the daily worry of it coming back. I guess all we can do is hope and put our faith in the experts who do this as a job. Good luck and let us know how you get on xx

Thanks I will, I hope you get a clear smear in november too it helps to see people in similar situations turn out to be ok. I know what you mean about the worry, I don’t think I’ve gone a day since January without thinking about it.

Well I got my biopsy results this morning - cin111 :frowning: I have lletz on the 30th, I hope that cin 111 is all it is and it doesn’t turn out to be worse. I’m still shaking from opening the letter I’m more scared than the first time round because it’s either been there since before last time or has progressed to cin 111 in 6 months. Has anyone been in this situation and it turned out ok?

Hi sunnyday, sorry to hear this news I don’t blame you for being worried. Did your last lletz show clear margins then? Have you had any symptoms since you had the lletz? Please don’t worry about having a 2nd lletz done, I found it ok and mine was only 6 weeks after the first one. Unfortunately I can’t tell you not to worry about the biopsy result because I know we all worry like mad about it. I know for my 6 month check up I will be petrified. Good luck x x

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: The results from my last lletz said ‘no abnormality’ rather than confirming the cin 111 and I rang them because I was worried they might have taken the lletz from the wrong place or something but they said not to worry that the area was small so the first biopsy had probably removed it all. I have had some weird symptoms that might have nothing to do with it like a weak feeling in my arm and leg, that could be from the walking i took up after the lletz, i did go to the doctor in august because every now and then i feel sore inside and she gave me treatment for thrush, but i still get the sore feeling now and then, again it might be nothing but every little thing i link to my cervix.