Living in a gynecological nightmare for 4 years.

Hi everyone,
I do not know where to begin. About 4 years ago I bled outside my period for the very first time and started having abnormal periods that would last anywhere from 7-14 days at a time. My obgyn put me on birth control which seemed to regulate things for a while with my occasional spotting and lower back pain but about 1 year ago things went down hill again very quickly. I have only had 1 abnormal pap my whole life when I was 20 and it was a ASCUS pap. After that pap all my pap smears have been normal ever since. 1 year ago I started bleeding for 3 weeks at a time, pain after intercourse, bleeding between periods, lower back pain and pretty much every horrific symptom you can think of. Anytime I would have anything go inside of me I would bleed. I have had everything done from a D&C under anesthesia to numerous pap smears and hpv tests and sonograms and even had my cervix frozen in June because a doctor diagnosed me with a cervical ectropian which she thought was the cause for blame. It seemed to help for about a month or so but here I am again bleeding outside my periods, pain after sex, pelvic pain all the time. I also had 2 ct scans and have tried every antibiotic and 3 different birth controls and nothing has worked. I have been to about 10 gynecologists out of desperation and I have always had mixed opinions from cervical ectropian to chronic endocervicitis. I also ask these doctors why my cervix is chronically inflamed? No body has an answer besides they do not know. I have even had blood tests on my hormones done as well and everything always comes back normal. All of these tests are saying everything is perfectly fine with me aside from the Chronic inflammation. I am beginning to be very depressed and feeling hopeless. I cant live every day in pain, dreading sex and miserable. I feel like something is being missed because my body is telling me otherwise. My last obgyn exam by my 10th doctor scraped an area that was bleeding and sent it off to the lab for that to only come back normal too. Who bleeds after regular paps and has pain after sex all the time and bleeds after intercourse and can honestly be told they are healthy? Why is my cervix chronically inflamed all the time? I just do not know what to do I am so depressed. I feel like I am a medical mystery and even all these gynecologists are baffled. I feel like all they ever do is cop out by sending me off with birth control which never works.

Hello I don't have the same experiences but this sounds really tough! Have you tried contacting the experts on Jo's Ask the experts pages? 


No I actually have not. Maybe I should look into that. After seeing how no doctors in real life want to help me

I hope they will be able to help you. Take care and be kind to yourself. Jo's helpline is a good place to phone if you need someone to talk to too. I wish you all the best!



Could you be having an allergic reaction to something such as contraceptive spermicides, latex in condoms?  Or possibly a reaction to feminine hygiene products e.g. douches, feminine deodorants?  I'm not a doctor but thought the above was worth mentioning.