Liverpool/NW meet

Yes this is the same message as on the forum - just thought I should have put it in this section.

Hi folks. Sorry - did mean to get on with this.

What are people after? Lunch and an afternoon drink; dinner and drinks; drinks and an overnighter; all of the above (anything so long as it involves wine - Kaz?! Laughing ) If there are only a few of us, I could cater - only have a small house (Oh and my culinary skills are better than my computer skills, though that’s probably not saying much!) otherwise we can think of somewhere to go.

I presume weekends are best for everyone?

I guess this weekend is rather short notice, and I can’t do the weekend of 28th April (Cinderella time - going to a ball) or the weekend after (Sat 5th & Bank Holiday)

How about the weekend of April 21/22?
Or May 12/13? (I’m supposed to be doing the Liverpool Women’s 10k on the Sunday, but as I’m not a drinker, I guess that wouldn’t be a problem) Think this one would also be out for Jan who has her op on 8th May?
Or May 19/20?
Or later weekends than that?

Please could you let me know what you would prefer, and dates you can make?
Gill x