Little worried....

Hi All

I am new here and have a question.

I had an abnormal smear 12.09.13- severe grade and just had my colposcopy this Monday 14.10.13.

I am little confused as i always thought that the abnomal cells would be on the outside of the cervix, mine had none??!! But the doctor who did my procedure said that i definately did have abnormal cells (even thought he couldn't see them) and that they were in the canal just inside, he took a medium biopsy and then did a loop procedure to remove all the abnormal cells, but if you can't see them due to their position how will i know if they have them all??


Has this happened to anyone else??


Its frustrating, 3 to 4 week wait and then 6 months to know if he actually removed them all on my next smear test andif he didn't how is he going to get them all next time.




When they do the smear test, part of the swab goes into the canal and samples cells from there as well as the surface of the cervix. When they do a loop/lletz procedure, they don't just remove a layer of cells like most people think, they actually remove quite a lot of the cervix layers including in the canal. If the biopsy comes back as high grade they may want to do a cone biopsy where they take away an even larger amount under GA. If the biopsy comes back negative for cervical cancer, they will probably still ask you to have 3 monthly or 6 monthly smears. They will know if they have removed all the cells from the margins they get on the results.

My type of cc was adenocarcinoma which grows high up in the canal, and I had the lletz procedure and they still knew they hadn't got all the abnormal cells. I know it's hard but you have to trust that they know what to look out for and they will act if they think they need to.




2 weeks into the wait and it's killing do you cope with the waiting??

Its all i can think about !! The stress isn't helping, i'm still not feeling much better in myself and a recent visit to my GP seemed more like a counselling session than the check up it was meant to.

I just feeling like screaming all the time with the frustration......please tell me this is normal??