Little question

Hi ladies just had a little question regarding brachytherapy do you have this treatment during the 5 weeks chemorad or foes it start when your chemorad finishes? I've got my self down to finish my treatment the 8th August but Wernt sure if that was all my treatment or of I would then start brachytherapy? If any one could let me no would be grateful.

take care



Hi Dominique, I had the chemo radiation and started the Brachy on the last week of my radiation as they think it works better if it overlaps.. I had three treatments over 3 weeks but I know it differs from hospital to hospital. take care ,Elaine

Thank you Elaine. Take care to hun x

I was really scared about having the Bracky but it was okay .

Hi Dominique

My first bracky was during the last week of external radiotherapy and then I had a week with just bracky treatment.  I didnt have chemo overlap with the bracky and this finished the week before.  

Good luck - hope all goes well....


Thanks Tracey xx