little input needed ladies

had a letter end of december, further to ure visit to the colp clinic we have now had the opportunity of reviewing your previous smear and discussing ure case at a recent team meeting.

on review the smear is considered high grade and is recommended u have some treatment to the neck of the womb,, went for this on 24th january.

today ive received this lettr:  the biopsy results indicates there were no pre cancerous changes seen in the speciman (XCELLENT I THOUGHT)

as part of our failsafe system we are there fore arranging to hav your results reviewed and discussed at a forthcoming meeting, and will write t you with a management decision.


so does this mean that they are rechecking the results because of a difference in what they actually found out?   any input would be great thanks ladies



No, don't worry, it doesn't mean that. As they've said, the biopsy result shows there are no pre-cancerous changes. As you say, this is good. However, they can't do what they would have done years ago and just discharge you. It still has to be discussed at a team meeting. This is not 'discussed' in the way that we might imagine - all it means is that national guidelines demand that an oncologist and your gynaecologist both 'sign off' the results. This is not the same as them re-checking them or disputing them in some way - you could even think of it as a necessary admin exercise if you like. They literally just have to see the piece of paper from pathology, agree that you can be discharged (or put you on six monthly smears, or whatever they want to do) and both sign it. This is the 'management decision' that they mean. Don't worry - it does not mean any change or dispute in your results. 

Hope this helps!


thanks annabel that makes me feel a whole lot better x