Little bit worried


I have read an awful lot of posts on here and all are so helpful. I am a worried 32 year old who 10 years ago had Llettz treatment with CIN 2. It was a horrible ordeal being so young.

i have recently been back for my regular smear and it has once again shown abnormalities with high risk of HPV. Off to have another colposcopy in a week, but think I am more scared this time knowing the fact that it has come back and all has been so good for 10 years.

I even joked with the nurse when I went for my smear that it's been 10 years and It's all been good! I spoke too soon clearly!

oh the joys of being a woman - my partner has been amazing I think it's worried him more than me which then in turn makes me worry more! 

Fingers crossed for my results and colposcopy. 

Not sure if anyone watched This Morning yesterday very good for the campaign for the smear test.